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GMC Motorhome Developement
on DVD

This DVD covers the period from Dec 1970 through March 1971, starting with the Pie Wagon and ending with RV26, the full scale clay model. Mock ups, floor plans, revisions, styling sketches, scale models, 40 minutes of never before seen developement of the GMC Motorhome.

Price: $25 (postage included)
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History of the GMC Motorhome
on CD

This CD, "The GMC MotorHome From Start to Finish....", is a colllection of many years effort obtaining the history of the GMC MotorHome.  Over 500 images detail the history, development,  designs, prototypes, concepts, manufacturing, pricing, Sales literature, memorabilia, collectables and much, much more.

The images are PDF format.

Price: $18.00

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GMC Dealer Showroom Videos
on DVD

13 Mini-Theater films that could be seen in GMC Motorhome Dealer Showrooms. These are primarily SALES related and show much of the factory assembly and testing activities.

The Mini Theatre could be found in many GM Dealer Showrooms in the 1970s. We are especially fortunate that the GMC Motorhome had 13 films in this series. The original films are extremely rare, it took considerable time and effort to locate and convert them. We are most fortunate to be able to share them you now.

2 DVD set of 13 showroom films - $39

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A few details about the "GMC Films"

The 13 GMC Motorhome films would have originally been seen in a GMC Motorhome Dealer's Showroom of the period. The original Mini Theatre projector/display/film library that I had, has been donated to the GM Heritage Center. Pictures of that Mini Theatre equipment is shown in my History CD (From Start to Finish).

The motorhome under the cover going over the timbers was a Banner, not a Winnebago. The Banner was likely built using a Dodge chassis.  The driver of many of these GMC Motorhome demonstrations was often Alex Birch.  Alex and Bea Birch were wonderful members of the GMC MH community for many years (hoya hoya).

While the quality of these films is not the greatest by todays standards, it is all we have.  I have three other films highlighting the GMC MH from the TV series, "Holiday on Wheels" but will not be making copies due to the poor quality of the films. If anyone knows of other better copies lets make it known.

Bill Bryant