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GMC Motorhome
Parking Brake Cable Assemblies

Premium Grade Stainless Steel


  • Manufactured and sized to be an exact fit for 23 and 26 foot GMC Motorhomes. Custom assemblies can be made up for disc brakes or “ stretch “ applications

  • Cable kits designed to be compatible with new (2008) power assist actuator.

  • Virtually zero friction cable / conduit assemblies using polished stainless steel core cables and teflon lined conduits

  • Anodized aluminum bracket and pulley assemblies for enhanced corrosion and scuff resistance and reducing pull friction to negligible levels
    Intermediate Cable "Thru-Frame" Routing Pulley and Bracket

  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum equalizer / adjuster pulley assembly affords lots of adjustment and large stainless steel adjuster nut can often be adjusted without wrenches once unlocked
    Equalizer / Adjuster compared to original

  • Intermediate cable retract springs ( stainless steel ) avoid having to rely on individual conduit springs to help pull back the intermediate and brake handle cable, ensuring positive release of brake shoe tension

  • Due to low friction components and structural design of pulleys, much more force can be applied to the brake shoes with the same force on the P-Brake handle

  • Frame mount conduits with rubber bellows boots are designed to " Pop - Apart" when in significant tension to avoid destroying the stainless steel conduit due to accidental over extension of bogie arms ( ie. Broken shock , blown tire, etc. )

  • Where most manufactures / suppliers offer 90 days to 6 months limited warranties, we are warrantying these assemblies to be free of manufacturing or material defects for a period of ( 10 YEARS )

  • Attractive price when compared to GMC-OEM park brake assemblies.



Complete Kelsey Hayes park brake caliper systems complete with air assist force and distance actuators.

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Albert Branscombe
33 Rae Street, P.O. Box 44
Tiverton , ON , N0G 2T0
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