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Master Cylinder Power Bleeder

I make the top cover for the stock Master Cylinder and I can also make one for the P-30 Master Cylinder. It is enough wider that it requires a different top plate. I also make up the hold down chains, connecting tubing to the Pump bottle. The Pump bottle is a 1 gallon size and is fitted with a gauge so that you can see if the Master Cylinder plate is sealed & that the system will hold pressure. I also provide a bleeder bottle and connecting tubing.

I sell the Plate by itself with hold down chains for $35.00 plus freight.

I sell the whole kit for $75.00 plus freight. Comes with instructions.



GM Hub extenders for '90s steel wheels

 The Hub extenders that I make to facilitate the use of 16" GM steel wheels from a 1 Ton GMC or Chev Truck before they went to metric specs. Don't know the exact years but in the late 90's for sure. 

When you use these wheels on our GMC's and you are using the bigger calipers or even in some cases when the rotors are new with the stock calipers and thick ceramic pads, the calipers will drag on the inside of the wheel. The spacers move the wheel outboard, and the Hub extenders move the hub centering feature out and center the steel wheels with the hub. They carry no load to speak of, their purpose is to center the wheel. The studs and nuts clamp the wheel, spacer and hub together as a very sturdy unit.