The Peek Family

The Original Tail Light Updater Kit
for the GMC Motorhome

Still a Bargain to get the TASK Done Simply.
$124.96 Priority mailed to YOU

3711 Enterprise Road
Mitchellville, Maryland  20721-2102

When we bought our 1976 GMC Eleganza, it was because of it's timeless, modern design and function. However, we soon came to realize that the Tail Lights gave away it's age.

None of us travel around with a sign on our back stating our age so we set out to solve this challenge. We ran into many problems like:

  • New tail light assemblies cost $100 each. We would have to dismantle the interior.
  • We would have to cut into the fiberglass structure.

In other words, it would not be worth doing unless a SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE way could be found. Well, a mind that won't rest will always find the simplist way to solve a problem, so now we offer to all our fellow GMC Motorcoach lovers a kit anyone can install in 15 minutes with a phillips screwdriver.


The kit includes new lenses, all required parts and hardware, and easy to follow instructions. Before you buy our kit, prove to yourself what a bargain this is. Check out what a GMC Shop charges ( $300-$400 ) and how they accomplish the conversion. Our Tail Light Updater Kit is $124.96, easy as pie to install, and will enhance the looks of your GMC tremendously. All the hardware you need is included and only requires simple hand tools. Delivery only takes a few days. This is one of the least expensive and best looking upgrades that you can do for your motorcoach.Contact us at Please include your mailing address and any questions or special instructions you might have

Happy GMC Motorcoaching

Customer Testimonial
I received this upTaillight Updater Kit from the Peek Family.

I went out to install it at 2:35pm.

Here is the way it looked before.

And here is a closeup of the passenger side.
It was packed very well and included everything I needed
It came with very easy to follow set of instructions.
Take the old lens and trim off

Install the new light divider on the old one and install the new lens.
I think it looks much better now.
What do you think?

I put up my screwdriver and stored the old parts away. When I went back into the house the time was 3:06pm. Now that about the quickest and easiest upgrade I've ever done to my GMC. I am a HAPPY CAMPER!

This is an excellent product from a reliable vendor. I highly recommend them.
Billy Massey
December 19, 2004